Caring Sharing is a ministry and business enterprise that aims to accomplish 2 major goals.

  1. Develop Jesus-centred discipleship-based communities where people live life together, caring for each other, sharing all things in common, encouraging each other to pursue Christ and making disciples who can make disciples.
  2. Bring people who are far from God near to God through acts of caring and sharing.


The book of Acts presents an amazing picture of the early Church.  A gathering together of people who shared all things in common, where no one was lacking and where doing life together was the norm.  The early church was not perfect by any means, but they did do one thing well, they loved each other. The outflow of that love brought many into the Kingdom of God and propelled the early church to be a missionary church, making disciples of nations. We want to see the body of Christ equipped to win the lost, firmly establishing the new believer in the faith in such a way that they will be motivated to go and make more disciples while having sense of belonging in community.

What we want to accomplish

To establish a community with Jesus at the head.  The only personality we want people to follow is Jesus. Leaders within the community will be primarily responsible for serving the community and the people we embrace.

To see a community develop that loves inwardly and outwardly.  Our community is to develop strong relationships and make disciples of Jesus so that we can all be empowered to GO and make disciples of others.  We don’t want to just be a blessing to ourselves, but we want to take the blessings we’ve been given and bless others, not just to be a blessing but to grow the Kingdom of God and see much fruit produced.

To see members discover their unique giftings.  Every person who is a member of the body of Christ has a unique God given gift that is for the encouragement and building up of others.  Our community will be a community that helps every member discover, develop and exercise their giftings in a safe, learning and loving environment where every motivation is from love.

To see a community that takes care of our resources with good stewardship.  Humanity was gifted the earth to steward and look after.  We want our community to take that responsibility seriously.  We want to show others how we can care for our environment well and we want to come up with innovative ideas, ways and products that help others do the same.


A community will be established on a farm. The people in the community will live and work from the farm. On the farm and connected to the farm will be various businesses and charities that provide work opportunities and produce income for the community.  The farm will welcome and house people who need help, whatever their situation (homeless, parolees, escaping abusive situations, special needs, jobless, struggling with addictions etc). People who come onto the farm will be given opportunities to learn skills and receive training, while at the same time being taught about Jesus and hopefully learning to be one of his disciples.

The farm will be as self-sufficient as is possible, using a permaculture philosophy and other eco-friendly methods, to provide the needs of the community from energy, water, food and more.


The Allens

Matthew, Allenia, Judah, Josiah & Sarina are the Allen family.  Matthew & Allenia have been on a long journey with God learning about community and discipleship.  The Caring Sharing vision encompasses many of the ideas that God has spoken to them and taught them on their journey.  Their desire is to release individuals in the body of Christ into their God given purpose and destiny.  You can email them directly at

The Pontons

Steve & Hannah are the Ponton family. Steve & Hannah have long seen the vision for a farm that is the hub of a loving, caring, sharing community that not only speaks about the love of Jesus but shares it in practical ways.  Their desire is to establish and build this community to impact lives of those who do not yet know Jesus and the lives of those who do.  You can email them directly at


Below you will find some of the projects that Caring Sharing are looking into establishing. This is by no means an extensive list but it will give an idea of where we are headed towards. There are many more projects that we are thinking of and adding as we feel that they will be part of the Caring Sharing project. If there is a project you are passionate about and want to get involved with the Caring Sharing Project contact us below.


Happening Now

Sustainable Food

We are exploring and learning ways to grow food in a sustainable manner that allows us to minimise our impact on the environment while producing food for our community. We also want to take what we learn into other communities and help those communities to come together to learn how to grow food so they can feed themselves in a sustainable way and help those in their community who may not have an abundance of food.

On the horizon

Software Development

We are exploring the creation of software products that will help businesses and consumers solve problems that are either under-served or not served at all. We are looking to solve unique problems with innovative software ideas.

Custom Furniture

High-quality custom-made furniture, made-to-order and unique original pieces.  Please contact us for more information.

Sharing Libraries

We are thinking about how we can establish libraries so that communities can share their resources with each other. We are exploring the practicalities of sharing libraries in areas such as tools, toys and clothes. How these might look and work.

Video Game Development

Quality video games that bring an element of thought into the often overwhelmingly violent video game scene. We believe that art and entertainment can be thought-provoking, deal with important issues and contribute to conversations in society. Art is a powerful tool that God can use in amazing ways and we want to explore some of those ways through the medium of video games.

Afar off

Homeless Care

We want to establish a ministry to the homeless where we provide a walk-in shower, barber, laundry, clothing and food service that can be moved around as needed. We have a vision for trucks that can be placed in various locations and that offer the aforementioned services as well as opportunities to learn about and hear more about Jesus and apprenticeship opportunities available on the farm.

Conference Services

The farm would have a small conference centre that would provide a place of escape for small to medium groups.

The Arts

On the farm we will be seeking to establish a strong and vibrant arts community that will run the gamut of the arts. We’d love to see artisans, musicians, poets, dancers, actors, writers, photographers, artists, cinematographers, culinary artists etc calling the farm their home and place of work and making art that influences the culture in a positive way.

Trade/Services Businesses

On the farm we would have various trade businesses that would provide apprenticeship opportunities for those who are more practical minded. From building, plumbing to electricians and service jobs, we’d like to establish businesses that can meet various needs and train people in these areas.

Technical Businesses

On the farm we would have various technical businesses that would provide apprenticeship opportunities for those who are more technical minded. From mechanical engineering to architects, we’d like to establish business that can meet various needs and train people in these areas.


If, as you have read through this page, you have felt the Father speaking to you, we’d love to hear from you.  The things we have written and outlined here will only come about as people connect with what God is wanting to do.  Please use the form below or email us directly on

    Monthly Intercessory Prayer

    On the first Wednesday of each month we hold an intercessory prayer evening at The Hub, Mary Stevens Park, Norton Road, Stourbridge DY8 1BD at 7pm. The Hub is located by the childrens playground and the best place to park is on Stanley Road.

    During our intercessory prayer evenings we will be taking communion and praying and interceding specifically for the groups of people that the farm will be interacting with. We would love for you to join us if you have a heart for intercession, prayer, the body of Christ and the lost. Get in touch for more information.

    Our Prayer Needs

    Prayer is one of the really important foundations of this ministry. What the Lord has given us cannot be accomplished unless there is a base and foundation of prayer. Would you join with us and pray for our needs?

    • We are currently praying for core team members. This vision is not possible without a strong core team. We are praying for the Father to connect us with the right people, who have the heart, the skills and the desire to explore and pioneer this type of community.
    • We are praying very specifically for an area of land that we can use to start and establish our community. We are praying for a 20 acre parcel of land that has a water source, such as a well, is partly covered by forest, has good grazing pasture, and has the planning permission to build at least 5 dwellings and a business centre.

    Send a Donation of Support

    Send a gift of support

    If you are able to sow financially into this vision we would gratefully accept your gift.


    Or by BACS transfer:
    Cashplus Bank
    Sortcode: 08-71-99
    Account: 03932330


    Q: How is the Caring Sharing project structured & governed?
    A: Currently the project is registered as a business with HMRC.  We are exploring various ways of structuring the whole project including the ministry and business aspects and how these will be governed.  If you have expertise or insight into this area we’d love to hear from you.  Use the contact form above to contact us.

    Q: Isn’t this a church?
    A: Yes & No. We are not, and do not intend to be a church, in the sense that most people understand church to be, that is a weekly gathering of people together in one place for worship, typically in a building. What we are doing is being an expression of the Church of Jesus Christ, an expression of His body on the earth. We do not intend to take people out of their local church when they become part of our community and will not insist on them leaving a church they belong to. We want to simply provide a community where there is freedom to pursue Christ and his plan for the individual within the body, and where there are opportunities to share Him with others through evangelism and discipleship.

    Q: Do you accept donations?
    A: We do accept donations, although at this time these donations are not gift-aidable.  Currently we are setup as a business and will maintain this structure for the business side.  The ministry side structure is yet to be determined but we are looking into and exploring how this can work.  Please see the above question for more information.

    Q: What is the time-scale for the farm?
    A: We do not have a solid time schedule, this is a faith project where we are following the leading of the Lord.  We do, however, believe that the Lord has spoken of the farm being in the near future.  Maybe 5 years or possibly, hopefully, sooner.
    There is a lot for us to learn and a team to build and establish before we get there.

    Q: I don’t see X listed in the projects section. Is X something you’d consider?
    A: The vision that God has given us is that the farm is an incubator entity that allows a member to follow the dream that God has placed in her heart.  We would see a person’s commitment to the project as a whole and spend time as a community praying over and considering whether a suggested project is something that the Father is saying to pursue.  We are very open so please do contact us if you’d like to connect with us.

    Q: How is the project led?
    A: We believe that God will, and is currently, forming a core team, who will be responsible for the general oversight of the Caring Sharing project.  This team will be a team of servant leaders who will be seeking the Father continually for direction and who will consider everything that is brought to them as a team.  The team will lead from a position of authority when needed but will lead from a position of service at a default.  The heart of the core team will be one of helping others grow and thrive in what God has for them.

    A question you have that is not here. Please contact us using the above form so we can dialog, and possibly expand our questions section 🙂